Unfortunately, this proves to be difficult for Pinocchio, as he's actually a compulsive pathological liar. Many of our best loved cartoon characters actually display many traits that could be considered as mental health disorders. Marlin comes by his anxiety honestly: he witnessed a barracuda kill his wife and all but one of their eggs. She uses her mirror constantly to make sure she is still the best, and she clearly lacks empathy because she is willing to kill her Hannah Jones July 22, 2014. His anger, his obsessive thirst for vengeance on Pan and his constant state of jumpiness is caused by a horrific event that persistently haunts him. Cartoon characters and mental disorder: Your beloved snow-spewing “Frozen” princess suffered from a grave mental disorder. But read between the lines a little bit and you will soon realise some of them are clearly suffering from serious mental health disorders. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Here are 10 Disney movie characters who are absolutely nuts! Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Sylvester, Wile E. Coyote, Pepé Le Pew, etc. Animal abuse is also a common symptom of psychopaths. There's a legitimate argument that every character in Hundred Acre Wood - even Winnie-the-Pooh himself - suffers from some kind of mental disorder; Tigger has Attention Deficit Disorder and Piglet has terrible anxiety, for example. This isn't meant to be attacking anyone, I have a couple mental disorders myself. She often looks into the mirror and asks “Magic Mirror in my hand, who is the fairest in the land?” and if that isn’t Narcissistic I don’t know what is! So did Beauty from Beauty and the Beast and so did many others. While oddly lovable this donkey is clearly depressed and what I love most is that he has a great support group with his friends who are constantly trying to cheer him up. Poor Else, when you have the powers to freeze the whole world it is no wonder you start to feel anxiety about life and certain places and situations. I need to fill in a chart with 5 characters, their disorders, and their treatment plan. 1. Many of the other Looney Tunes characters, too, have mental disorders. Though fictional characters can be helpful for giving us words to describe our mental health struggles, it’s important to reach out for help when you need it. With a life that has involved deadly government missions as well as being tortured to the point of death in order to activate any mutant genes he may have, Deadpool has been pushed to the very brink, both emotionally and physically. Characters And Characteristics Of Mental Disorders In Disney Movies 1273 Words | 6 Pages. But he also has a dangerously narcissistic personality disorder, in the sense that he expects people to treat him as their superior, will stop at nothing in his aggressive quest to gain power, and doesn't care about the devastation his actions cause in the process. That doesn’t sound like someone who is keeping control of their emotions to me! Else From Frozen – https://screenrant.com/most-crazy-disney-movie-characters-video At the end of the day, the Beast who captured her was not doing so with her permission, it was basic kidnap and then she starts to feel emotions for him which is indeed a classic mental health condition called Stockholm Syndrome. It is also about how Marlin learns to manage an anxiety disorder. The most favourite characters, i.e. First and foremost, he's a complete sociopath; he killed his own brother and attempted to kill his nephew, and at the same time he also possesses that unsettling creepy charm associated with so many real-life killers. 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With the advent of Frozen, some see these stories as a way to raise awareness of and empathy for people with mental illness. His life, in his mind at least, is all about fun, whimsy and adventure - but this isn't always a good thing, as he can be impractical and conceited at times, which can lead to him getting himself into dangerous situations. Now that sure sounds like a mental health problem to me! This is anouther person with a textbook example of Narcissistic personality disorder. The protagonist of his self-titled story, he's the boy who never grows up and is, therefore, very socially immature. It's kind of his thing and, of course, his nose famously grows whenever he tells a lie - but he just can't help himself and it keeps growing and growing, even when his "conscience", Jiminy Cricket, is telling him to speak the truth. If you think being a teenage girl is hard enough try being a mermaid with a father who hates humans! Share this via Facebook; After reading this list of mental disorders that each character in the well known children’s books, Winnie the Pooh, could potentially suffer from, you will never look at that silly old bear the same way again. While the rushing White Rabbit does have a lot of anxiety in his life it is the OCD (Obsessive-compulsive disorder) that really drives him and the signs are pretty clear when you realise just how obsessed he is with time! The same is true for mental disorders in movies. Villains so deranged, Hannibal Lecter and Ernest Blodfeld would pale before them. 3. Unbeknownst to himself, Milne was giving Eeyore a mental disorder far beyond the normal scope of depression, a disorder called dysthymia. “If you have ever struggled with depression, anxiety, trauma, or another disorder, know that you are already a superhero,” Dr. Scarlet said. Don’t think that Elsa had some serious depression? This is one Disney character that is letting his anger control him to the point that he starts to kidnap people! Elsa - one of the main characters in the hugely successful Disney movie Frozen - was born with the magical ability to produce and manipulate ice and snow. Tap to play or pause GIF tumblr.com. Characters And Characteristics Of Mental Disorders In Disney Movies 1273 Words 6 Pages Aidan Bunge English Persuasive Essay With the massive amount of appreciation and love for Disney movies from all types of people, it is hard to criticize or analyze any film without serious backlash. To Peter, time means nothing. There are particular aspects that identify it as a disorder. Is it any wonder that Hook acts how he does? For those of you who don't what a psychopath is a person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior. The sad truth is, if you pick apart our favourite Disney movies you would discover a world wrought with insanity. The only person he cares about is himself and is willing to kill others to make his own life better! The quirks in their personality may be what makes them so endearing to us, but if we encountered these individuals in real life, we would probably direct them toward the … Rapunzel, though, genuinely cares for Gothel, which shows that she suffers from what is known as Stockholm Syndrome, a mental disorder in which a person becomes emotionally bonded with their kidnapper/captor; and even when Rapunzel learns the truth, she still expresses love and grief for Gothel when she dies. Her early inability to control her powers resulted in some terrible events - such as nearly killing her own sister. It’s clear that he has an anxiety disorder, low self-esteem and a stutter, possible as a result of his lack of confidence. Sebastian from The Little Mermaid- Anxiety Disorder Sebastian usually responds to certain situations with fear, panic, etc. They all had simple themes, with a solid story, and a positive message. When you have had your hand eaten by a crocodile and then spent the rest of your life in fear of that very event it is a surefire sign of Post-traumatic stress disorder. Kleine-Levin Syndrome (KLS) is also known as "Sleeping Beauty Syndrome" and is a rare sleep disorder where sufferers have mood changes and episodic hypersomnia. Piglet is constantly worried, more than the average worrier does. Scar is an evil lion and the main antagonist of The Lion King movie. He wants to continue enjoying the care-free pleasures of childhood, even though he's actually an adult. A Beautiful Mind gave viewers a look at schizophrenia and Rain Man was one of the first films to explore autism. Winnie the Pooh tackles and represents mental health in a second character. 2. Sadistic personality disorder doesn't just mean somebody is an evil dick. Written by Ariff Mohamed Moolla, OMS III DO/MPH Candidate of 2016 Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine, CA. all justify the name of the show. Have you ever noticed when Pooh gets hold of some honey he eats it with vigour and passion that might well be considered obsessive? 4. They were also the basis for psychological disorders and personality types. If there’s one comic book character that epitomizes what it means to have psychological disorders, it’s Deadpool. Eeyore was made to be a depressed character, for whatever reason, but Milne’s imagination went far beyond depression when he was writing out his timeless tales. He is the brother of Mufasa and the uncle of Simba - and he suffers from more than one fairly serious mental condition. Below we have chosen 5 famously known Disney characters with serious mental disorders: Ariel : The Little Mermaid The character Ariel from the little mermaid movie is a … Of course, after ultimately learning that love was the key to controlling her powers, she got over her issues, but she certainly had them for a long time. 10 Beloved Disney Characters Who Had Serious Mental Health Issues. In fact, if we take a serious look at the characters, most of them will be diagnosed with pathological conditions. In several stories, he has even eaten so much that his stitches split! But we don't want to fill a video with them, so we'll stick to the most obvious example. Eeyore the donkey lives his life in a state of constant pessimism. 5 Disney Characters with Mental Disorders. You deserve the support you need. What mental disorders do the characters from Toy Story have? Copyright © 2020 Top 10 of Anything and Everything - The Fun Top Ten Blog, on Ten Disney Characters Who Might Have a Mental Health Disorder, Ten Disney Characters Who Might Have a Mental Health Disorder, Ten Real Animals With Superpowers You Won’t Find in a Comic →, ← 10 Tips to Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy and Healthy, About me – Welsh Blogging at its Very Best. She also suffers from a little bit of paranoia, but I will stick to one disorder per character for this post. Finding Nemo is a story about a father’s heroic journey across an ocean to rescue his son. But it’s weird to think that your favorite silly, zany cartoon characters can suffer from those same afflictions. You only have to hear his miserable voice to appreciate how depressed the poor guy is - although he doesn't really speak that often, as his depression keeps him quiet a lot of the time. Narcissistic Personality Disorder The queen believes that she is the fairest of them all, and that she should get all the attention because of it. 16 Disney Characters Who Really Need To See A Psychiatrist. A one-stop shop for all things video games. We’ve spent most of our childhood watching and loving Disney movies. But spotting the signs in these ten characters it might help you spot the signs in a loved one or close friend, so while it might be an odd thing to talk about, its something well worth looking into…. Marlin and Dory are scared. Ten Disney Characters Who Might Have a Mental Health Disorder. The paranoia rendered her terrified of using her powers for fear of causing more incidents like the one in which she injured her sister, and the agoraphobia caused her to shut herself away from society in order to ensure she didn't hurt anybody else. As a result, Elsa developed disorders like paranoia and agoraphobia. He is quite literally unable to appreciate life's smallest and most basic pleasures due to his crippling depression. Trust me, if you met these characters in real life, you would have rushed them to … Young girls and boys are raised on the tales of the Disney princesses. What heightens the condition further is the fact that the crocodile has an alarm clock in its belly, so its presence is always accompanied by a ticking sound. I've got 3 down but I'm stumped on the last two. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. The Queen from Snow White: Narcissist. Again it is almost impossible for children to recognise his disabilities. George Darling from Peter Pan: Anger management issues. Pinocchio is the name of the wooden puppet boy in the movie of the same name. … With the massive amount of appreciation and love for Disney movies from all types of people, it is hard to criticize or analyze any film without serious backlash. Besides these cartoons, there are several other characters that, on proper diagnosis, will reveal their psychological disorders. The majority of these characters suffer some sort of depression, as the storylines often include parents who are dead or who die. The villain of the classic tale of Peter Pan, Captain Hook famously has a hook for hand, after his real hand was chopped off by Pan and fed to a crocodile. For instance, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders suggests that sufferers are amused by the emotional turmoil of others. King Triton from The Little Mermaid: Xenophobic and prone to violent outbursts. So its no wonder he starts to steal things from the human world and hoards them much like people with kleptomania disorder will do. As a result, Hook suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder - a condition that is made worse by the fact that the crocodile that ate his hand constantly follows him around, after having got a taste for the pirate's blood. But in Aurora's defense, she does handle the whole "Whoa I'm a princess suddenly" reveal in a … These characters had their own fairy tales and books and, later, Disney movies. Winnie-the-Pooh Characters & Their Mental Disorders. 5 Elsa: Avoidant Personality Disorder While most of these characters have suffered from mental illness at some point in their career, the struggle for Ant-Man, aka Giant Man, aka Yellowjacket, aka Goliath, has been ongoing.First appearing in Tales to Astonish #27 in 1962, Hank Pym’s ongoing mental issues have become a hallmark of the character. Belle from The Beauty and the Beast- Stockholm syndrome Stockholm syndrome is when you hold empathy or sympathy for your kidnapper, sometimes even joining whatever said person is doing. While this lion character has a few mental health issues the main one is his NPD (Narcissistic personality disorder). like when Ariel turned into a human, he started panicking more than he should've or when he told the king that Ariel was gone. The character Elsa can be used as a powerful metaphor for understanding how individuals and families struggle with mental health. Add to that the ticking clock inside of the crocodile and you have a very traumatic situation indeed. Peter Pan is the only character on this list who has a condition that has gone on to be named after him - that condition is, of course, Peter Pan syndrome. He is brought to life by a fairy and told that he could become a real boy if he is brave, truthful and unselfish. Top 10 of Anything and Everything – The Fun Top Ten Blog, Animals, Gift Ideas, Travel, Books, Recycling Ideas and Many, Many More, You might think all Disney characters portray a perfect world with a perfect life. 2. Unfortunately, the handling of his erratic behavior has been, well, erratic. So let us take a look at 10 Looney Tunes Characters who actually have Mental Disorders. These films introduced us to fairy tales, and have made us fall in love with the characters.

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