Live theater-wise, The Actors Fund YouTube channel is producing daily mini-musicals. The most important stories happening in the world right now… Ignoring information and productivity (Photo: Getty) A new report from scientists states that ignoring information is actually liable to make you more productive and efficient in the long run. Animal Livestreams, Grocery Delivery Start-Ups & More Good News Happening in the World Right Now 1 Young People Are Delivering Goods to Vulnerable Populations. Still searching for your perfect position? What’s not to like? In the case of San Francisco bakery Butter&, business is thriving. Watching the news lately can make you feel like only terrible things are happening in the world, so here are 7 really good things that are going on right now. 15 Bizarre Things Happening On Earth Right Now Our favorite pictures that show the strange, miraculous planet that we call home. Does the COVID-19 Vaccine Affect Facial Fillers? Across the country, young people are helping deliver... 2 Animal Shelters Report a … Toggle Navigation Menu We know the world is looking pretty crazy right now. Per People, Butter& celebrated their busiest day in history after delivering quarantine cakes, which have messages including "wash your hands" and "pretend you're an introvert" written in icing. ELLE participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Do you know that while you spend your hours sleeping, working, or eating, there are many other things happening in the world simultaneously? 25. But, statistically speaking, there must be some good things, too.There may even be several good things! According to Science Alert, Guinea Worm parasite and polio are on their way... 2. Disneyland closed this month amid novel coronavirus safety concerns. This meant, for the first time in their history, the community had the legal right to own and manage the forest they live in. To help bring some much-needed positivity (and also, koalas) into your life, here are 10 good things that are happening in the world right now: Because of the worldwide and unprecedented levels of ‘staying inside’, levels of air pollutants and warming gases are down almost 50% compared to this time last year. Whatever you donate, they doubled it. The world can be scary, but it … … Pollution is dropping The Big Give have also gone on to launch their Christmas Challenge – starting on Giving Tuesday (1st December). There is good in the world! Here are some positive things happening in the world right now that prove that the world will still go on when this is over. Whilst the coronavirus pandemic is still dominating the majority of the news we read (and our own lives), it’s equally important to think about the positives. Although it’s still early on, we’re continuing to see more potential vaccines being developed. Although we're mourning the closures of movie theaters and live performances, the entertainment industry is adapting the way we experience art. Some great musicians are going on tour this year.. Demi Lovato, Pink, Lana Del … Disneyland Resort external communications manager Kyleigh Johnson announced the move as a commitment to reducing food waste during closure. And it’s not just key workers. As the pandemic continues to dominate our lives, the vast majority of these volunteers have stayed on to help support those in need – showing community spirit is continuing to be one of the most positive outcomes throughout COVID. Here’s a short list of positive stuff happening all over the world. Art and culture streams on, neighbors reach out, and cute animals continue to save our sanity on social media. Good Morning America reported that the #LightsForLife hashtag is inspiring people to re-string their Christmas lights. Diving into a great book (or 10) while home has never been simpler. 10 Things Happening In America You Should Probably Know About ... more problems. Friends for more than 40 years, the self-dubbed Golden Girls plan on drinking wine and catching up on The Crown. FIONA MACDONALD. Travel Published August 13, 2014. Speaking of the joys of fostering, the second you feel an anxiety attack coming on, head to this three-minute video of two puppies posted by Youtube's Kitten Lady. Young gorillas have learned to dismantle poachers traps Once you've exhausted animal livestreams, head over to Symbio Wildlife Park's Facebook page. She was just super thankful and it made her feel really special. There is good in the world! Stealing others homes and killing them? And as important as it is to be informed about what's going on in the world, it's just as important to maintain a positive view of the world and keep hope alive. No, we haven't recovered. In addition to providing hours of bingeable TV, shows such as Grey's Anatomy, The Good Doctor, Station 19, and The Resident are offering supplies to hospitals in need. 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