And now, for a look at what's on the menu for school lunch today, here's Stan Marsh. We worked too hard to just roll over for Craig and his stupid overall deal. We're hopelessly stuck, completely out of ideas. All right, Sexy Action School News Team, it's time to go to work. The picture itself takes on a blue hue] And now here's Rick Cartman! We have to make due with the entertainingly absurd and easily digested South Park, as opposed to the genius bits of South Park. [it's the footage from their own visit to the pharmacist for the medicine] Sexy Action School News reported the pharmacist to the South Park police, and he was immediately arrested! Frankly, Jimmy, I don't know how we're gonna fit that in between cheerleader pie-eating and Who's got skidmarks Monday. [walks off with his fans. No doubt that if I were a little older, I would be aroused. Recycled Script: "Quest for Ratings" has many similarities to "The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka", as both are satires on how far shows will go for ratings, with characters going extreme lengths for ratings. This is South Park Elementary School closed-circuit television. [the boys give each other hugs all around and shake hands], Oh man, this is sooo great! Yes, but unfortunately, you got crushed in the ratings by Craig's new show. Well our integrity is jeopardized! We should all take a bunch of cough medicine! We should make up stories, because they'll be far more interesting. [Sees that Token isn't following] Token, all the great African-Americans newspeople have learned to hide their ebonic tribespeak with a more pure Caucasian dialect. Episode 811 - Quest for Ratings Cast: Stan Kyle Cartman Kenny Butters Token Jimmy Bebe Craig Clyde Tweek Red-haired Goth Raisins Girls Announcers Mr. Meryl Whistlin' Willy Pharmacist Mr. Garrison Mr. Slave Principal Victoria To save our show, all we need to do is come up with the best idea for an episode ever! Heard about your news show being cancelled. It hurts my head. Find all the best video clips for "Quest for Ratings - South Park [S08E11]" at I'm Jimmy Valmer. The flashback ends] Ah whatever, Kenny! And now, Super School News. Censor Bleep Dick De Benedictis Music FUNKYTOWN (LIPPS INC.)(Heard once in "Towelie".) "Hahahahahaaahaaa! Introducing South Park™: The Stick of Truth™.For a thousand years, the … I read 'em all the time! Oh, looks like somebody else is doin' a little partyin' tonight. Yeah. (Craig just asked me to do his show, geez.). [holds up four fingers] Four students watch your show. Stan, come on. [his face buried in his hands] Butters, only gay little dweebs read the funnies! [holds up a fist with thumb and index finger just a centimeter apart], [throws the gesture back at Stan] This much more than you had! 12 июл 2019 South Park - 811 - Quest for Ratings (MTV, Rus, Eng) Антон Комаров The set includes brief audio commentaries by Parker and Stone for each episode. S08E08 Douche and Turd . Uh, yeah, we need to come up with some ideas and inspiration, so we're gonna drink a bunch of cough medicine. The kids pour into place, including Kenny.]. The boys follow and see Mr. Garrison and Mr. Slave waiting for the pharmacist]. You know what we should do? [walks off], [Whistlin' Willy's Pizza Gulch, day. Hey, I know! [smiles, turns around and walks away], [Stan then sees time-lapse footage of a ride through a city, then blooming flowers, then time-lapse footage of the reporters walking around the valley, then some weird graphics, then Cartman in degraded colors. Not only did you get all the students and myself off of couch medicine, but you got a 22 in the ratings! Please, Mr. Meryl, but, the news is our life. [sees the other boys and addresses them] Oh hey guys. We didn't think it was great before. S08E07 Goobacks . But first, Stan Marsh has a look at some new outfits for the Raisins girls! A significant quest in the game involves courting the Goth Kids' allegiance and choosing whether to bring them to the Humans or the Elves. 04. [a shot of the hallways from the entrance. [voice over] They're doing it in the hallways! They need to know the facts, and our news team them, very much. [reads the label] "Warning: Taking more than the recommended amount can cause severe side effects.". What you want is Calminex PM. ... Games reviews Gaming School South Park Ubisoft. [time marches on and the boys get sleepy, except for Butters], [still reading the funnies, giggles, then laughs] So Dagwood says "Good, guh-good thing we're playin' ...uh the back nine at your house." South Park is lucky it's a simple looking show, because if it were any more detailed it would be much, much worse. And now, let's get a look at the celebrity scene shot, with Butters. Then there's the maximum-strength Cortitussin Cough and Cold, but of course, that's only if you really want to trip balls. You guys, wake up! The player must find them behind the school, then learn to dress like them and dance like them to win their friendship. Come on over to the register. We've also got confirmation that Sally Turner [her picture is shown] stuffs her bra. [whistles some more, then stops. [serious pose] ...Hard-hitting reporting, Stan. Follows the misadventures of four irreverent grade-schoolers in the quiet, dysfunctional town of South Park, Colorado. Yeah, I think that was one of our best shows yet. [look at Cartman, but notices someone else] Hey look, Craig just walked in. We're in fourth grade, Timmy. [pounds the desk and laughs] What an asshole! This proves my point. Inside, A sign above the chalkboard reads "Idea Room." Hollywoodedge, Truck Air Horn Numero PE270701(Heard once in "The Passion of the Jew".) [brings out the next package] Dexa Cough, children's formula. Script. With Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Adrien Beard, John 'Nancy' Hansen. Jimmy has set his crutches aside and is now drinking the cough syrup]. I'm just pulling your legs. All right, boys, I'll just need your parents' permission. Stan begins to pace the floor again] How about we do a show with us... ughhh. Smore makes it easy to stay connected. The price of milk money will go up next Monday to 49 cents. [looks at Cartman, then gets annoyed] Dude, I think we can do a little better than crab people. [Student Conference Room 1-F, next morning. [Stan begins his head trip. In 2011, fans ranked #AWESOM-O as Number 7 on their list of all-time best South Park … We might not remember everything otherwise. The 2nd part of the Battle of The Fans trilogy. We're just giving them what they want. Find out when South Park is on TV, including Series 8-Episode 11: Quest for Ratings. How do you know?! The follow-up to 2014’s South Park: ... but many of the missions feel reliant on the battle system over a funny script to piece it all together. [returning from the kitchen to serve as cameraman] And we're cut! The cough companies claim they don't intend for their product to be used by kids to get high! [softly] God, I wish we had a Pizza Hut in South Park! We should make up a bunch of reports about how dangerous it is to be alive. [Reporting from Raisins, Stan Marsh. He sees a tunnel with yellow light, then a flash of plasma, then an aminated Mandelbrot design, then a prize-winning dog on a pedestal. This is closed-circuit television for South Park Elementary School. We have to elevate our ideas up, not down. S08E06 The Jeffersons . Is South Park about to explode from a methane gas leak? Yeah! More on that later. The Vamps only appear in a cutscene in Clyde's fortress then are never seen again. Oh, oh come'ere you! [walks between and past them]. And now. Maybe if we can get higher ratings by the end of the week, they'll let us stay on the air! The boys whistle back, but slowly and flatly] There you go! Jimmy and "Rick" Cartman are the anchors for "Super School News." Taking place and inspired by South Park's season 22 episode "The Problem With a Poo". [circus music plays as panda-suited mascots and the other reporters join Token in the weather area and dance. Published on August 27, 2020 by South. More on that later. I want you to come up with an even better idea than the cough medicine story. And meanwhile, Craig's show is getting a 57! How about we do a show where we kill Butters? Boys, first of all, I want to tell you how impressed I am with your ability to get more ratings. I'm sorry, what were we talking about? Super School News sounds dry. We're making the news more appealing to students. The news made for students, by students. Bebe takes a sip from a bottle of cough medicine, gives it to Red to sip, then notices something in the air vent under the ceiling]. You play as the new kid in town as you and your family have moved to South Park for reasons made unknown at the start of the game. Oooo, interview with the vice-President, hmmm. Token Apparently it doesn't matter how hard you work. Players will get to enjoy a new story campaign along with a new superhero class - Final Girl. South Park: The Complete Eight Season 2004 (2006) - Comedy Central (Paramount) The Episodes Good Times with Weapons, Up the Down Steroid, The Passion of the Jew, You Got F'd in the A, AWESOM-O, The Jeffersons, Goobacks, Douche and Turd, Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes, Pre-School, Quest for Ratings, Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset, Cartman's Incredible Gift, Woodland Critter Christmas Does this mean we're still gonna get cancelled? [time passes. [dismayed] This isn't the news, this is a tr-tr-tr... travesty. [taps at his tablet several times with a pencil] Huh. But that's... that's crap! [cracks up with laughter, then holds up a finger] One testicle! Yeah, well, I've got an overall deal with the school, heh. Well, in the interview, Mr. Cheney tells me all about how the-. Stick of Truth puts you in the role of a new kid whose family just moved to the town of South Park. Fellas! We sure worked hard on that new show. - now. No, Jimmy, the school is already dumb. Oh, it's brilliant! And now, [sudden change of tone and flashy graphics follow] a Sexy Action News Team Special Report: Cough Medicine Abuse in School! Kyle Broflovski now joins us for a look at sports. [appears as a blob with echoing voice] Stan, are you getting good ideas? And if we can't report news the honest way, what good is n-news reporting? Cartman and Stan speak to him in weird altered voices], Me too. [gets no reaction from the other boys] Heh. Your rating was only a four this whole week. They take way too much cough medicine because they say it makes them see things in their heads. This proves my point. And now, Super School News. Token! Cartman has his feet up on the table. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Summary: South Park: The Fractured but Whole empowers players to delve into the tender, crime-ridden underbelly of South Park with Coon and Friends. Fellas, this is our chance! We're not in the mood. Yeah! Parent-teacher conferences will be held this Wednesday night, from seven to nine. All the students love it. Whoa, boys! We took a bunch of cough medicine to come up with ideas for our show. [enunciates each word as he writes it] Lie about celebrities. [Craig enters to cheers from the other kids in the restaurant and waves back to them. South Park: The Fractured But Whole second story DLC Bring the Crunch out July 31. And Kyle, the girls' basketball team just can't get it right. Maybe the problem is we don't have very good stories to report on. [Stan, Token, and Cartman are on the floor] and when all the ideas start coming, just write 'em down. You see Token, people really enjoy seeing African-Americans on the news... Seeing> African-Americans on the news, not hearing them. They're paying me six dollars a week to come up with new shows. A trailer for South Park: The Stick of Truth includes a giant Clyde Donovan busting through city hall, and the Vampire Kids. You guys, we watched Craig's show all night long. You know what we should do? We should all take a bunch of cough medicine! Everyone get your hair looking as fantastic as possible. All right, boys, I'll just need your parents' permission. Your show beat Close-up Animals with a Wide Angle Lens by three viewers! Several kids take pictures of Craig]. The cough companies claim they don't intend for their product to be used by kids to get high! [enters and moves past the other boys] You wanted to see me, Mr. Meryl? Hey, a round of root beers for everyone! 1k south park cartman eric cartman butters Butters Stotch quest for ratings Yeah, I think that was one of our best shows yet. Episode guide, trailer, review, preview, cast list and where to stream it on demand, on catch up and download. I read 'em all the time! Stupid news hair! Quest for Ratings is episode 11 of season 8 of South Park. Bebe We've always been supercool to you! "Up the Down Steroid", along with the thirteen other episodes from South Park ' s eighth season, was released on a three-disc DVD set in the United States on August 29, 2006. Instead of sitting here feeling sorry for ourselves, we just need to figure out how to make our show better! Whoa, boys! You guys! This is closed-circuit television for South Park Elementary School. S08E14 Woodland Critter Christmas . And that's all for Super School News. Kyle Broflovski now joins us for a look at sports. We should make up a bunch of reports about how dangerous it is to be alive. We, we worked so hard to be on top! The boys are now asleep. The quest for the Snyder Cut continues. Uh-sorry, kids. Eric, it looks as though the school will be serving a chicken cutlet. Mr. Meryl Oh yeah, Panda Bear Madness! Share. Kids don't care about the news, boys. [without enthusiasm] Cuuute.

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